Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been way too long, but who can blame me with all of the holidays/new school applications?!? Christmas was awesome! We were blessed with tons of awesome things, and Aniston has been spoiled even more :) We spent New Year's Eve in Destin celebrating with Cody's family! It was a blast! Aniston is growing well, but she has yet to show the doctors her goodies!!! From the 4d ultrasound we know she's a girl, but it would be nice to have the doctor's reassurance! Lol! Needless to say, we will be keeping ALL receipts until the doctors see for sure! She has been so active...having parties in my belly until 4 am! lol! The excessive itching is driving me crazy, but it definitely beats the morning sickness so I can handle it!!! Cody has now decided to be a firefighter!!! It is so crazy to actually know what he is going to do with his life!!!! He starts fire school at Chipola on Tuesday, January 18 and will finish May 12...just in time for our baby girl! Once he is finished with the fire school, he will have to do a 3-6 month course to become EMT certified...let's pray he gets into a 3 month course! We are really excited because this will allow him to have a lot of time home with the family. The 24 hour shift will stink, but what other job allows 48 hours off! It's like working a 3 day week! I will be finishing my degree on line with the University of Phoenix, but hope to be able to stay home with my babies :) at least while they are little! Hope you all feel updated!

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  1. AH-HA!!! I knew he should be a firefighter the day he raced back into the house to steal my water bottle and put out the fire on Pastor Micheal's turkey. You know...I still think he started that fire on purpose just so he could put it out. LOL Congrats!!!