Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Channing and Aniston

I have a lot of catching up to do!!! The past two weeks have been the craziest/best weeks ever! To start it off, Channing Renee was born on Tuesday, November 30 at 3:44 pm. She weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long! She is absolutely gorgeous, and has our entire family wrapped around her little finger! It sure was a lot to get her here though!!! We went to the hospital Monday night at around 9 pm, and Jodi progressed slowly. Things picked up around 1 am and she was able to get an epidural! That was a life saver so she says!! We soon learned that Channing was head down, but facing up; which would make the delivery much harder. 3 hours of pushing and 2 suction cups later, the baby was stuck and was no longer progressing. Her heart rate also started dipping, which led to the decision for a c-section. Jodi was a little disappointed, but we all just wanted them both to be healthy. The surgery was very quick, and I will never forget seeing Jon walk Channing into the nursery for us all to see her for the first time! SO PRECIOUS!!! Jodi was great also, and has healed well! They were able to come home on Friday...which leads to another amazing thing!

Cody and I found out that we are expecting a girl...ANISTON GWYN!!!!! We had a 4d ultrasound at the Prenatal Experience, and it was phenomenal!!! Both sets of parents, Clint, Cayden, and Dayne were all able to come and share it with us! They laid me on an awesome bed, while the family cozied up on a huge couch, and the ultrasound was projected onto the wall! Aniston was being a little shy at first, moving around so that all we could see was her back and that precious little butt :) She soon opened wide though, and I was the first to notice those little lines!!! "It's a girl" is still ringing in my ears! All Cody has talked about is his little girl ever since! We are so excited for slumber parties, make overs, dress up and all of the many things only little girls bring to a family! And not to mention the closeness that Channing and Aniston will share. They will be more like sisters than cousins!

Right after the ultrasound, we celebrated at Outback for dinner! G-diddy was looking up all of the girl cribs/ bedding he could find on his iPhone while the rest of us planned our shopping trip once dinner was over! We went to Macy's and spent an ungodly amount on the cutest little girl clothes ever!!! Needless to say, Gigi and Mia have us covered in the clothing department for the next few years!!! The connection between Aniston and I has greatly increased now that I know she is Aniston and not just "it"! I am having a daughter...a precious little girl that I can dress up and curl her hair! All of the little kid things like holiday activities are so much more fun with little girls!!! (I say this like I know what it's like with a little boy...sorry guys just a little prejudice at the moment!) Cody has been so excited about getting her room ready for her. He is going to be the best little girl daddy ever!!! Aniston is the perfect addition to our family. I'll post the pictures/video soon (if I can figure out how)!!!

Side Note: Her name is Aniston, not Ann or Annie! There's a reason we are only using one n to spell her name! And we will be having a boy one day, and his name will be Zeke so don't try to steal it! I know it's cute, but get creative...you'll think of something!!! :)

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  1. I am so excited for her! I can't wait to meet her!! You are going to be such an awesome mom!! YAY!! You definitely need to post pictures of Channing!