Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I felt it only necessary to acknowledge all of the things that I am thankful for! Because my list would be way too long if I didn't put a limit on it, we will do a top five count down!!! And God/ my salvation is a given...wouldn't be here without Him and love Him. He is the reason I have all of these things to be thankful for!

5. I am so thankful that I am FINISHED with my AA degree!!!! It seems minuscule, but I thought I would never get there!!!! I went way off track taking prerequisite classes for multiple nursing schools, and have now realized that I don't want to do nursing at all! I thank Jacquelynn for that one. If I did not have her wonderful, real life stories told to me; I would have probably continued to fantasize the whole thing and not actually realize I would be miserable doing it until it was too late. Now I have discovered that I want to do elementary education! No poking, prodding, or cleaning too much bodily fluids required there! I have been accepted to Flagler's Elementary Education program and am in the process of seeing if I can do the University of Phoenix online! Either way, I will begin the last 2 years of my degree in the Spring! Woop woop!!!

4. Friends. We have great friends. Unfortunately some have moved away now for college, but we love them with all of our hearts. Doesn't mean we aren't routing for them to move home though :) Kaylan has been amazing to me this past year. She helped me throughout my wedding, celebrated with me through all of our good news, and helped me when I was stressed! We are such a good balance for each other and love all of the same things! John and Jackie are the friends that you can be completely real with! Nothing against my other friends, but when you are married it is nice to have that married couple that has been there, done that, and can help you laugh your way through things! It is nice also to have friends that have babies and can help prepare us for what's to come...although I am convinced no one is every actually prepared!

3. I absolutely LOVE my in laws, and not very many people can say that! Mrs. Andrea is more like a best friend to me. I know she is always there for me whether it is just to listen, or to give me advice. I have now learned that nobody knows someone better than their momma knows them! I am lucky to be able to call Mrs. Andrea and vent to her about what is going on, knowing that she will never love Cody any less and that she is the ONLY person that can tell me how to communicate better with him, and how to understand what he's thinking. She is truly my second mother, and she is going to be the coolest Gigi to our baby! Mr. Richard is the bomb! He is hilarious and loving, and one of the wisest men I know! He loves me like a daughter, and has from day 1. He is supportive, understanding, and the life of the party! Clint and Cayden were just little things when we first started dating (I could literally lay my head on the top of Clint's when we were standing straight up lol) and I have been able to watch them grow into awesome men of God. They are my only "little" brothers and I am so proud of them both. Cayden is the talker that is constantly making me laugh, and Clint is the gentle, sweet one! Because both sets of my grandparents died at such a young age, I do not even consider Cody's grandparents as "his" but they are mine as well! They have replaced a void in my heart, and I pray that they know how much they have blessed my life.

2. My family. Where to even begin. My parents are such an example to me. They have shown me what love, endurance, dedication, and family means. My mom and dad love each other more now than I believe they ever have, and that speaks volumes to their relationship. I can only hope that Cody and I continue to fall deeper in love with each other after 31 yearsish of marriage. It has been so awesome to see our mother/father-daughter relationships turn into best friends. I literally spend everyday with my mom. I absolutely love our daily lunches, errand running, shopping, talking days. It is something that is easily taken for granted. Cody and I cherish our dinners with them. Almost every night they treat us to a five star meal...I'm convinced that's the main reason Cody loves me! JK! My dad is one of the biggest success stories I know. He has grown a business from absolutely nothing to a major success. He has taught us how to manage our money, invest for our future, plan for our children, prepare an education for them; but more importantly, he has taught us that money is a temporary thing, but love, relationships, and experiences are what will last forever. Our baby is blessed to have Mia and BZ, and I hope that we can be half the parents that they are. Now to my siblings! Jodi is the wise, planner! She keeps my off the whim self in check! She looks out for me and wants to prepare me for everything! I cherish the advice she always shares. Because we are 9 years apart, it took a little while for us to have common interest. Now we are both married, and expecting babies 6 months apart! She is such an example and friend to me. I can't wait to raise our babies together...our baby was perfect timing because we now get to learn from her even more! Dayne is the encourager. He is funny and also a fly by the seat of your pants type of person! I am so proud of what he has already accomplished. He has taught me to follow your dreams, stay committed, and work your booty off despite what anyone tells you and you will get to where you want to be. He is the celebrity of the family!!! I give him 2 more years and he'll be in the BIGS BABY!!!!

1. I am most thankful for my handsome hubby and the beautiful baby he has given me! Cody and I have been best friends for the past 4 years; but over the last 6 months of marriage, we have learned a whole new appreciation for each other. I love him for him and he loves me for me. He encourages me, supports me, and stands by me. I trust him more than anyone else. He makes me laugh. Random story...last week in the middle of the night, Cody stood up and started ranting and raving about free capitalism and America, walks over to our curtain rod, snatches it out of the wall, yells it's all for free capitalism, then crawls back into bed, he never woke up and the next morning remembered nothing! I have learned to do what is best for me and what will make me happy through him. He has shown me that life doesn't have to be completely planned out, but that you need to leave room for adjustments. I love the way he likes to change things up, and will wake up one morning and want to go on a day date to the beach. He is spontaneous, yet knows that at some point things need to get done. I have learned a lot through him. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself (for instance, he has told me for a year that I need to think hard about nursing because he wants me to be happy and wasn't sure if that would make me happy. If only I listened to him earlier!!!)  But what I love him the most for is giving me this wonderful baby. There is nothing in the whole world that I am more thankful for. Even though this baby is still in my belly, I am more connected to it than any other human being. I love it so much it hurts! I cannot wait to meet my sweet pumpkin pie and watch it grow. By the way, I could have possibly felt it the other day! (It was either the baby or gas, but it felt like a flutter in my tummy that I had never felt before!!!) I love you Cody and I love you Aniston/Zeke. Thank you for loving me and letting me share my life with you...sorry baby you have no choice :)

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