Monday, November 8, 2010

Bye,Bye Baby Bella :(

Last week was a pretty hard week, with some good things thrown in there! I'll start with the bad, so that we can finish on the good! Don't want everyone feeling all depressed after reading this! Lol! My week started off with my puppy, Bella, getting sick. We left her at Pet Paradise last weekend while we were in Destin, and she got into something which caused a bacterial infection. This infection became my worst nightmare. I woke up on Monday to walk Cody out when he left for work and was hit with an overpowering smell. I turned on the light, and discovered that Bella had exploded in her crate. It felt like that seen off of Daddy Daycare when he walked into the bathroom after the little boy went potty and the horror movie music started playing. I ended up having to throw everything away and left her outside until I could take her to the groomer...I could not even fathom bathing her myself. When I picked her up from the groomer, which was a whopping $60, I had to take her to the vet...another $150 and 2 antibiotics. And the fact that I had to miss work and handle this all by my lonesome didn't help.

Well Bella finally started to feel better, and Lilah had to go and get sick. Which caused another missed day at work, throwing away our dining room rug, and more money. All of this led Cody and I to the conclusion that 2 dogs and a new born baby were going to be way to much! So we had to say good bye to Bella last night. Cody and I got Bella together the summer of our 11th grade year...she was our first baby, and we will always love her sweet little teddy bear self. We gave her to the mother of one of my sisters close friends, which made things much easier. She was so happy, it didn't even phase her that we were leaving. It broke our hearts. We are now trying to decide what to do about Lilah :( Cody wants to keep her, and in my heart I do too! I just know  how much stress a dog can cause financially, and physically. We will see what happens, but needless to say; this has been one of the saddest weeks ever. We have vowed to never ever ever get attached to another dog again.

Now to the good! We had dinner on Tuesday night with some fantabulous people! John and Jackie cooked homemade chili, corn bread, and pumpkin pie for us! It was so nice to hang out with friends that have so much in common with us! And I am learning SO much about babies from them and Hilary! When I met Aubrey, I felt like I was meeting a celebrity!!! lol! She is such a good and happy baby! It was so funny because she kept trying to nurse when she would get close to me...that baby loves her some boobies!!! Jackie has a Doppler machine thingy so we were able to hear the babies heart beat for the first time! It was so amazing. It was steady and strong, consistently in the 140's! Cody was so cute...before we left he asked if we could hear it again :) We are completely awestruck by it all! We go on Wednesday for our next ultrasound!!!The baby is now the size of a large plum, so it will look a lot different then the little speck we saw the first time! All of its organs and systems are completely formed now (way to go little peanut!!!) so for the next 28 weeks and 2 days it will just continue to grow and everything will start to function!

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