Sunday, October 31, 2010


This week I have learned a lot about my baby! 1) I cannot take prenatal vitamins in the morning, and 2) the baby hates whataburger breakfast!!! I guess that's a good thing though. Not only is it teaching me to be healthy, but maybe it will make healthy habits early!!! By far the most embarrassing day of my pregnancy was on Thursday. I had to run out of class to spend 30 minutes puking in the TCC bathroom. Any germ-a-phobe like myself would be in misery from that alone, but as if that weren't enough; I had to interrupt class again to get my purse and run out for round 2. When I thought the coast was clear, I tried to get to my car as quickly as possible. Little did I know I would be puking in the bushes the whole way with tons of people giving me the "what did she do last night" look. Not a good experience! However, the baby bump is slowly starting to grow!!! It's so exciting to see the progression! Although no one else can really tell, it will only be a matter of time before I have a bowling ball in my belly :) It seems that all I do is think about the baby....what it's personality will be like, who it will look like, will it play sports or play instruments, will it be a smarty pants and go to Harvard?! So many things we get to look forward to learning about this baby!!!!

On a random note, we spent the weekend in Destin with my parents! We had a blast just being lazy, eating, shopping, and eating some more! We went to see the movie Hereafter, which could have possibly been the worst movie I have ever seen, but my dad somehow found something to like about it so it was worth it! I love that my parents include us on all of their getaways! It is so nice to now have the "friend zone" relationship with them. Now that I'm all grown up and having a baby of my own our relationship has evolved to best friends that give really good honest advice when needed! Anyways, the beaches were so beautiful...nothing is better than the sound of waves crashing on the shore. One day we will live by the ocean!!!!

Tonight we helped with the youth event at RPT! Cody got to break out his football skills that have not been used in the past six months for some ultimate frisbee! It was pretty hilarious to watch, but everyone enjoyed themselves! And Cody came in 2nd place for the 3 legged race...granted he trucked an 11 year old to do so. What a great leader!!! lol Haley and I were in the crippled/prego group so we got to sit around and chat for hours...I love that God gave Clint a down to earth girl that enjoys being with our family!!! Tomorrow I'm off to work...I'll be 11 weeks on Wednesday!!!

**Correction: If the baby is a boy we have decided to name him Zeke Butler instead of Zeke Benjiman! And Cody calls him Zekey when he talks to my belly! Lol! The girl name hasn't changed!**

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