Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update :)

I can not believe my baby girl is almost 2 months old. Where has the time gone?! These past 8 weeks have been nothing short than amazing. The love that comes over you when you have a baby is so indescribable! I am happier than I have ever been before. Aniston is progressing great! She is such a chunky monkey now :) She eats about every 2-3 hours. Breastfeeding has turned into such an awesome bonding experience! Before my goal was "6 month" (but I would have been okay if I only did 3), but now I want to do at least 6 months and maybe closer to a year. I am practically a pro now and have no problem feeding her in public! Always covered of course! lol! Aniston rolled over at 6 weeks...it took at least 10 minutes and luckily we had the video camera or no one would believe us! She has not done it since though...I think all of our clapping and screaming freaked her out!!! She is also starting to smile and is so much more aware of her surroundings! For the past 2 or 3 weeks, Aniston has been sleeping through the night! Granted she doesn't fall asleep until 2 am, but she then sleeps until 8, eats, and goes back to sleep until 11 or 12!!! It is heavenly. Parenting is so much easier when you sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night. Aniston's 2 month well check up is on Friday!! I promise to start updating a lot more frequently :) Random side note....I started reading the Baby Sign Language program and we hope to start that soon! She probably won't be able to sign back for 3 more months though! Can't wait for her to be able to interact with us more, but it makes me so sad how quickly she is growing! She looks like a baby now...not my little newborn. Anywho, I'll update Friday when we learn how big Ms. Piggy really is!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aniston's Birth

Aniston is here!!! After 39 weeks and 4 days of waiting, we finally got to meet our sweet angel! She arrived on May 22, 2011...our PERFECT 1 year anniversary gift! Cody and I went in to the hospital on Friday, May 20, and Dr. Price was going to strip my membranes to get things going! She came in to check me, and said that my cervix was very favorable and suggested that we do Cervidil to finish softening my cervix. They put that in place Friday night and it had to stay put for 12 hours. We slept great that night and anxiously waited the morning for them to check my progress. The next day they removed the Cervidil and I was 100% effaced and dilated to 3 cm. At this time they broke my water and we were so excited knowing that it had to be within 24 hours!!! Cody and I spent hours Saturday walking the halls of TMH labor and delivery, but I progressed SOOOO slowly. Late that afternoon we decided to start Pitocin to speed up the dilation. Once the Pitocin started, contractions tripled in strength and about an hour later I got an Epidural. THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!! After I had the Epidural, I was able to sleep, laugh, talk and really enjoy the entire process. My legs were not dead and I did not feel like I was not in control. It was just right! I could lift and move my legs, feel the pressure, and knew exactly when I needed to push without having to be coached....I just felt NO pain! Things really picked up and I went from 7 cm at 1 o'clock to 10 cm and station +3 at 2 o'clock! Dr. Mcalpine came in and told me this information and I remember saying so what are we going to do and his reply was, "Well I guess we can go home!" lol He was amazing! He stayed in the room from that moment until Aniston was completely checked out! He was so laid back and made me feel comfortable the entire time! I started pushing at 2 am and Aniston was born at 2:27! I pushed for 30 min....how lucky am I?!? I laughed in between pushes and I remember taking my camera from Mrs. Andrea to fix the setting she had it on! Once again the Epidural was AMAZING! lol! As soon as she was born they placed her on my chest and I could hear Cody sniffing back the tears as he cut her umbilical cord. It was the most PERFECT 1 year anniversary gift we could have asked for. She is absolutely gorgeous. She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20.1 inches long! She has a head full of dark brown hair, big juicy lips, the cutest little button nose, and big beautiful eyes :) She is so alert! The minute they placed her on my chest she just stared at me and admired her family.

We had the best doctors and nurses at the hospital! However, it was a hectic 2 days! They were constantly coming in to push on my belly (which was way worse then labor) and taking our vitals and running tests! It was non stop! And for some crazy reason they make people leave at 9 pm....we could have used Mia and GiGi's help until at least midnight! Since May 22, was our anniversary, Gigi brought us Macaroni Grill for dinner and Mia brought us the top of our wedding cake for us to celebrate! Cody gave me a diamond and emerald bracelet...the diamonds represent our anniversary and the emeralds represent Aniston's birthstone! We were able to go home on Tuesday the 24th and things started to get a lot better! Nursing was hard at first, but we have gotten the hang of it and I absolutely LOVE it now! It is so so sweet to have her cuddle me while she nurses :) She sleeps so well and only wakes up to eat every 3 hours! Cody has been such an amazing father! He is so in love with Aniston, and I can tell how much more he appreciates me after carrying her and delivering her! I love my sweet little girl more and more each day, and I am taking every moment in! Life could not be any better....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things I'll Miss

All of the stories about women being miserable the last little bit are SO true! I am ready to meet Aniston and that is all I think about. She is stuck, though, and no matter what I do, she isn't budging!!! With that said, I got to thinking about the things I will actually miss about pregnancy. In all honesty, it is sad knowing that the experience of pregnancy will only happen a few times in my life. Though I have become quite the hypochondriac, with something new hurting every day, and I am growing more uncomfortable by the minute; I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Before pregnancy, I always dreamed what it would be like to have my own family. From the moment I found out about this peanut, those dreams became my reality. I have our whole future together pictured out. And when I found out this peanut was a girl, Aniston, those pictures were even more clear. I think about our tea parties, pedicures and manicures, makeovers, dances, park adventures, and baking extravaganzas. I could not imagine life without Aniston. I can not wait to hold her in my arms, squeeze her, cover her with kisses, and watch her grow into a beautiful young woman. But I will miss her squirming in my belly, the gentle rhythm of her hiccups that keep me up at night, her one little foot that she keeps on the left side of my belly, and the way Cody is in complete awe of her and my growing tummy. There is something about the look in his eye and the smile that covers his face when he watches her move inside of me. I will miss him talking to her through my belly and the soft kisses that he gives to her through me. It is like I am the passageway...the only connection to his daughter. Though I am glad they will soon form a relationship not centered around me, I will miss this. I am also going to miss having her ALL to myself. Right now she is mine...all mine and I get to talk to her and love her all day without having to share! We are so blessed with a great family and tons of friends that I cannot wait to introduce her to, but the jealous side of me doesn't want to let her go. Oh the wonders of pregnancy!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Labor

My last post was apparently right on! For the last three days I have started early labor. I was up all night on Wednesday night (and poor Cody was right there with me until 4 am and had to wake up for school at 7) so I decided I should give the doctor a call to make sure everything was ok. He asked me to come in right away on Friday so they could check me. I went in, and had lost 5 pounds in one week :( They were concerned, but Aniston seems to be doing fine and still has plenty of fluid. He checked me and I have thinned out and started to dilate. I was not quite one centimeter. He told me to take it as easy as possible, and that we needed to keep her in my belly for at least one more week. They are not sure why I am not keeping on the weight, and will watch that closely for the rest of the pregnancy. I was told to eat all of the food I possibly could...even if that means 10 cupcakes in one day :) We are almost finished with the nursery so I will post pics soon!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Getting Close!

Weird things have been going on in my belly! It has been extremely tight and crampy for the past few days! It last for about 15-20 minutes at a time though so it has been confusing!!! When I went to the hospital last time I did not have "warm up" contractions. I woke up throwing up and the contractions were so bad I could not talk through them. These are different...they last a long time are are uncomfortable but not painful. It is almost like period cramps and my tummy is SOOO tight. I haven't been able to get comfortable, sleep, or eat normally for the past few days. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but maybe Aniston is preparing for her big debut!!!!

On a side note, the waddle is strong now! I can not walk normal for the life of me. She has dropped so low in my pelvis there is no room to put my legs together and walk! lol!

Another random side note: I am now the handy man of the house. Cody was not too upset to give up this title, but I earned it yesterday! I went to Lowes all by myself and explained to the guy about the "door thingy in the frame that catches the door nob breaking off and the srews ripped through the wood". He then showed me a larger metal piece with the standard size door nob catcher that I could screw in to the frame to repair it and not have to replace the whole frame. I went home and fixed the door. This inspired me to hang the curtains in Aniston's nursery. I rock.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shower from Leah :)

The baby shower that Leah threw me yesterday blew me away! I seriously have not stopped talking about how amazing everything was. It was perfect from the decor to the food and games! So many people showed up, and we were so blessed! As part of the decorations, Leah had tons of baby goodies such as pacifiers, rags, and onesies hanging from the most adorable tree...I am now using that tree to hold all of her bows and it is the perfect addition to her room :) She also got a play mat, portable stroller thing, diamond earrings from Grandma Ledford, a beautiful hand made quilt from Rita Hancock, a baby breeza food maker and her crib/nursery furniture from Mia, the Medela breast pump from Gigi, and SOOOOO much more. I now feel prepared and can relax knowing that she has everything that she needs! Speaking of the breast pump, the owners manual shows these women cleaning their house and reading to their children while hands free pumping....seriously?!? They couldn't take a 15 min break and do it in the privacy of their bedroom!!! Don't think I could ever get myself to do that, but at least I have the option! lol! They played this game at the shower called "Winner Takes ALL" and everyone guessed how much money was in an owl shaped piggy jar...Katina got the closest and won a bottle of ALL detergent! It was so cute! Anyways, can't wait to meet my baby girl :)

Random side note: I want to learn to coupon so I never have to buy cleaning supplies or toiletries...someone want to teach me how?!?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Shower and Birthing Classes

Aniston and I had our first baby shower this past Sunday and it was AMAZING! Kaylan and Sadie did such a good job with the "owl theme" decorations that match her nursery and making sure all of my favorite foods/pregnancy cravings were there! They even had cereal :) So many people showed up and gave us goodies! We got her swing, bouncy/vibrating seat, pack n play, high chair, video monitor, silver cup spoon and fork set, Coach diaper bag, awesome handmade Vera Bradley burp clothes (shout out to Jackie Pipkin), the most adorable clothes, and so much more! It is amazing how much someone so small needs!!! We played the "guess how big Karli's belly is" game and it was hilarious! Everyone was really close, but Jackie took the prize! My mom was a close second though..she was only off by maybe an inch! All of the in-laws decided to go short...didn't want to be on the baby mama's bad side I'm guessing! lol! I cannot wait for our next shower on Saturday...SOOOO EXCITING!

Cody and I have also had our first 2 child birth classes! We love the instructor, Blythe. She is very down to earth and realistic. I like that she doesn't try to sugar coat things...she lets you know it's going to hurt worse than anything you've ever experienced, but then gives you ways to deal with that pain and makes you realize it's only temporary. She has also had 6 kids....3 naturally and 3 with an epidural so she can give you first hand knowledge of the differences. The first class we learned about the signs of labor, your water breaking, and had a meet and greet with the other couples! It was so cute...we were driving down the road the day after talking about her birth and Cody randomly said we just need to remember "COAT- Color, Oder, Amount, and Time" if your water breaks! He really was paying attention! lol! The second class was a little more intense. We learned how to track contrations, when to come to the hospital, the different stages of labor, and breathing/relaxation techniques. We were shown some pretty graphic videos, and it scared me to death! OUCH. We then got on the floor, and learned how to take slow breaths in through your nose for the count of 4 and out through your mouth for the count of 6 during a contration. Cody laughed the whole time we practiced! She also told us to find a happy place that we can go to during a contration as a form of distration. My happy place is a private island with crystal clear, calm water (similar to St. John) with lounge chairs partially in the water so you get just enough of your body wet and endless amounts of frozen fruity drinks :) Cody is supposed to be able to describe this place to me during a contration to take my mind off of it. We'll see how well these distractions actually work...

Our 33rd week check up was yesterday! She is still in the right position, and growing well. She weighs 4.75 lbs, the average at this age is 4.9 so she is a little small! Her body is pushing against my lungs, which doesn't allow them to inflate fully making me feel like I can't breathe. We had to do an oxygen test to make sure I am getting enough oxygen and I am :) My brain is basically being tricked into a panic attack because it feels like I can't breath. The doc said this would probably only get worst...oh the joys of pregnancy. Her head is pushed firmly against my pelvis bones so she is ready to go! This is my last time going 2 weeks between doc appointments, and then I start my weekly visits. Only 6 weeks and 6 days to go!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Little of This and a Little of That

I know it's a little late, but the doctor appointment went great! Aniston is in the right position with her head pushing against my cervix. She has a strong heart beat, and is more active each day! I had gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks....WHAT?!? This puts my total weight gain at 21 pounds. Still good, but man seeing that number was a shocker! lol! She is almost 4 pounds already and is about 18 inches long. We had a good long talk with the doctor about labor and he answered some of the questions that have been floating through my head! We start birthing classes on Wednesday and I am SOOO excited :)

Now to a me losing my mind. I had no idea how serious this baby brain becomes. She completely consumes me and I am no longer the organized, planner of our relationship. In the past few weeks I have left my credit card at a restaurant, thrown away a $100 bill that I spent an hour digging through the trash to find, locked Cody and I out of our house, left Cody's IPhone on a bench in Universal Studios so that I could throw away trash, and left my IPhone at Famous Dave's. Thankfully there are still good and honest people in this world and all things were recovered! But come on...this is NOT like me at all. I always have a place for everything and know exactly where things are. I sure hope this is temporary. I am beginning to think that some of these things are just my "new normal". On a positive note, I only have about 8 weeks and 2 days left before I meet my baby girl :) WOOP WOOP!!! I have currently  taken on the project of finishing my wedding scrapbooks because I know that once Aniston gets here that will NEVER get done. Especially since I have so much I want to scrapbook of her and the pregnancy already. My goal is to completely finish the wedding scrapbooks (there are 2-I am just a few embellishments away from being done with the first one which is proposal-rehearsal dinner and then all I have is the wedding-honeymoon) and have all of my showers for Aniston done and the belly pictures/ultrasounds started. That way when she is born I am not behind and can do her scrapbook as I go. High ambitions I know, but I am determined :)

Aside from me leaving Cody's IPhone at Universal, we had a very relaxing/stress free weekend together. We drove to Orlando Thursday after Cody got done at school and met his family at Bubba Gumps for some food. Friday we woke up and went to Universal and Islands of Adventures. Mrs. Andrea and I were the purse/phone holders...not a good idea since I lost Cody's. I thought I was going to go into labor going back and forth between the parks trying to retrieve the phone. We then went back to the Hard Rock Hotel and napped until it was time to save seats for the OneRepublic concert. We waited for 3 hours or so before Cody and I realized it probably wasn't safe for me to be in such a big "standing only" crowd so we left and listened to a few songs from the back before going on our own little date. The rest of the clan met us when it ended at the hotel to watch the FSU basketball game. The next day everyone had to head out because Cayden had the Tallahassee Idol talent show (which he placed 3rd in by the way) so Cody and I relaxed at the pool all day :) We both got a little too much sun, but I think it's safe to say I have the tannest baby belly of all baby bellies. It was wonderful. That night we had a dinner date and rented Little Fockers in our hotel room. Sunday we shopped at the outlet mall before heading home....it was a perfect little babymoon :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching Up

Well lately we have been pretty lazy, and have loved every minute of it! This past weekend we literally spent everyday at the pool. It was great. For my birthday, Cody woke me up to cinnamon waffles with a sliced banana on top...it was like a breakfast banana foster! He made it for me every morning this past weekend, and I almost cried when we ran out of bananas. This morning I realized I was spoiled when I complained about having to get out bed and make my own blueberry waffles....Cody has created a monster. Or maybe it's the mixture of getting no sleep because Aniston still thinks she is teeny, tiny and can move around in my belly like she did when I was 20 weeks prego and the rush of hormones that are coming back from the beginning of pregnancy! This brings me to our 30 week 4d ultrasound! Like the last, we had an unbelievable experience! Aniston had turned to where her head was resting in my hip and her body was diagonal, but she literally moved and changed positions the entire ultrasound. The lady felt sorry for me! lol. I was shocked to see how much weight she had put on in just 2 short weeks though. Her cheeks had filled out and her body was plump! She played with her umbilical cord and would put it in her mouth to get a taste of the funfetti cup cake I had eaten on the way :) Sabrina also commented on my "nice" placenta...she said it was huge. Which is how everything is on me lately! We were joined this time by both sets of Cody's grandparents, his parents, and mine! The grandparents provided free entertainment....they were like little kids on Christmas! Every little change of position or facial expression was accompanied by WOW and AWWWW :) Grandma Ledford refers to Aniston as Miss America or the President of the United States!!! I think Gdiddy (aka Cody's dad) is a little terrified....he has sat in silence each time! Its either fear or he's trying to hold back tears and both are very logical explanations! Aniston still looks like her handsome daddy, but I did see a little more of me this time compared to the last! We did do a little in her nursery this weekend...Cody has put together the crib and changing table! I'll post pics of the nursery when it is complete! I go to the doc on Wednesday...I'll let you know how that goes :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beach Weekend

So this past weekend Matt Adkins invited Cody and I to stay at his parent's beach house in Panama City. It was a much needed vacation for us!!! Poor Matt got to experience what it's like being a husband and having a pregnant woman in the house though! On Friday it was too cold to go to the beach so we shopped all day :) and the shopping consisted of every baby boutique and pregnancy store there! Once again....SORRY MATT :) But I was able to get 2 adorable outfits for Aniston, my Easter dress, and my baby shower outfits!!! I'm super excited! Saturday it had warmed up just enough for us to go to the beach! Cody and I got up around 10:30 (which is sleeping in for us) and went on to the beach, and Matt met us when he woke up at around 1 or 2! lol! I had packed us a little lunch...it was SO fun :) We were also lucky enough to have free entertainment. A group of college guys set up camp right next to us...they were getting a kick out of my pregnant belly. lol! But then again everyone on the beach was! But the tan is definitely worth showing off the bare belly. I am proud of my baby in there and don't mind showing her off :)

On a side note, the awful sickness from the beginning has made a dreadful come back. I have thrown up profusely the last four times I have taken my prenatal vitamins. Last night it was so bad it came out of my nose and then I smelt puke all night. I am SICK of this!!!! I told Cody I am going to beg for a c section at 36 weeks next doctors appointment, but in reality I won't. I want Aniston to be as healthy as possible, and even though it is uncomfortable and sucks for me...she can stay in my belly as long as she'd like! As long as that isn't too far past May 26 :) lol! It's not just the sickness though. Cody and I are dying to have her with us. We want to cuddle her, and bathe her, and feed her, and do all of the day to day things with her! I love my  Aniston. We are on the home stretch...I am almost 30 weeks, which means 10 MORE TO GO!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm in Awe

We went for our 28 week 4d ultrasound yesterday, and I am in complete awe. Cody and I have looked through the pictures a million times and find something we love even more about her each time. We were able to share the experience with my mom and dad, Cody's dad, Jodi and Channing, Dayne, and Kaylan. Cody's mom and brothers weren't able to make it because there was a death in the family and they were attending the funeral in Ohio....but on the bright side, Mrs. Andrea is paying for us to go a 3rd time in just a few weeks so we can gawk at our beautiful baby girl again!!!!

I layed down on the bed with my family comfortably seated on the couch. We were all so anxious to see Aniston projected on the wall in front of us! I was pleased to see that Aniston has turned head down now and is very, very low!! She will most likely stay in this position until birth! We got a recording of her heartbeat that is in a stuffed frog (that I am enjoying much more than Aniston ever will) and then there she was! There was no wiggling, walking, or music necessary....she was so cooperative. She was looking straight at us with her hands beside her ears, and the first thing I said was she looks like daddy!!! I think she has the shape of my face, but that cute little nose and juicy lips are ALL Cody. We spent 45 minutes watching her as she yawned, kicked, cuddled with my placenta as if it were a pillow, licked my uterus (I had just eaten a Special K cereal bar and she liked the sweetness), and smiled showing off that cute little dimple we think she got from Gdiddy! The ultrasound tech was amazed at how clearly we could see her dimple and head full of hair...apparently it is pretty rare to be able to see SO much detail. But what can I say, Aniston is PERFECT :) And she has great fashion sense...in some of the pictures she has the umbilical cord around her shoulders like a boa or a scarf! This freaked me out at first, but the lady reassured me several times that she will move it so much before she is born and it is not around the front of her neck just draped around her shoulders. She was so happy the entire time, and we had such a great experience. I am more in love with this little angel than I even knew existed. How will I wait 12 more weeks for her to get here?!?
Umbilical cord boa!

She's ticklish!

Sucking her thumb!

BIG yawn!

Look at that dimple!!!

Feet and hand

Cuddling on the placenta "pillow"!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

28 Week Check Up

Today Aniston and I had our 28 week check up! She looked great!!! My sister, Jodi, went with me and we could see her so well. She is sitting with her booty on my bladder...apparently she likes water beds!! The doc said she is about 2.5 pounds, but we'll be able to see more detail when we go to the 4d on Friday. I am right on track. So far I have gained 14 lbs. I talked to him about the contractions I have about every two weeks and he said it is not effecting her and just sucks for me! lol! I now go every 3 weeks! Can't wait to meet my Aniston :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Not?!?

So this past weekend my mom, sister, and I ventured out to the family fair that was being hosted at the civic center! We got all sorts of freebies and information on photographers, doctors, dentist, etc. We ran into the Pipkin family while we were there and got a good chat in...during this great chat, a woman walked by with a sports bra on and her HUGE belly (it's ok for me to say that because mine's huge too) painted. Jackie and I thought together, "wow she definitely has no shame"! Well not long after we were done gawking at this random lady, we parted ways. Not 30 minutes later, I was asked by a photographer if I would model a belly painting for her! What are the odds?!? I made sure that I would not be paraded around the fair with my belly hanging out and she reassured me that it would only be a few pictures and that I would be given a shirt to wear out before I agreed! I mean your only pregnant a few times right? And when would I get this opportunity again? So, like usual, I set aside my caution and said what the heck! If nothing else I figured it would be a good memory and a few cute pictures! And that it was! I had a blast...So here is my 27 week belly update! 

Aniston is so active now. She is about 2.2 pounds and 16 inches long! She has gotten to the point that you can see her move under my skin and know exactly where she is at. Cody gets so excited because he is able to feel more apart of things now that he is constantly feeling and seeing her. He is so ready to be a daddy. I have gained 10 pounds up to this point and have no stretch marks...knock on wood! I'm pretty proud. I thought for sure that the 14 petitefores, 10 sugar cookies, and 4 cupcakes I ate during valentines week would come back to haunt me! But then again, I haven't gotten the results to my glucose tolerance test yet!!! Speaking of the glucose tolerance test, that was an absolute nightmare! I was not told any of the details beforehand, so I show up at around 1 starving for lunch. Luckily I hadn't eaten because apparently you are supposed to fast for 2 hours prior to the test...small detail they with-held. After 30 minutes of waiting, I was called up to drink this surprisingly yummy orange drink. I was told to drink the drink in less than 5 minutes and come to them when I was finished. After chugging the drink, they told me I had to wait another HOUR before they could take my blood. I mean seriously, you should let hungry pregnant women know this before they drink the juice. Luckily, I survived. Well that's all I've got for now! Our next doctor appointment is March 1st and our 4D ultrasound is March 4th! Can't wait to see what our daughter looks like :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby on the Brain

I want my baby. All I think about is Aniston. I think about what she will look like, and the features that she will get from each of us. I think about what her personality will be like, how her cry will sound. I imagine our life once she is here all day long! Not a second goes by when I don't think about cuddling with her! It is consuming my brain!!! Cody is getting so anxious also. We both sit around and talk about our life with her, and think of ways to make the wait seem shorter. I caught myself yesterday thinking that "technically" we only have two months left because February is practically over and you are "technically" considered full term and they won't stop labor at 36 weeks so we only have March and April to go...who am I kidding?!? The wait is KILLING me!!! Everybody says enjoy your time alone while you can, but does anyone actually do that? We always enjoy our time together, but since the day we found out we were expecting, we have both been counting down the days!!!! Random side note, Aniston has the best daddy in the world! He is so involved and excited to talk to her everyday. He can't wait to have her here with us and spoil her rotten. I mean seriously...my family is PERFECT.

Apart from having my wonderful daughter in my arms, I also can't wait for....

1. To sleep on my stomach and back...or to sleep in general
2. A HUGE bowl of Funfetti cake batter (I asked Cody to bring it to the hospital during labor)
3. No back pain
4. To be able to curl up in a ball
5. Ceaser salad
6. To do something crazy...like jump off a waterfall or go surf just because I can't right now
7. To ride my bike and be active
8. To shave my legs with ease

Monday, February 7, 2011

Anxious Aniston

So all of those times Cody and I have told Aniston, "We can't wait to meet you, why won't you come now!!!" almost came true...15 weeks to early. Monday night Cody and I went to bed as usual, but instead of Aniston doing her nightly dance, she was extremely still. I didn't want to think much of it, so I didn't tell Cody and we went to bed. Around 11 o'clock I woke up just feeling very crampy in my stomach. It was painful waves of cramps, but I thought maybe I just needed to go potty. I got up to go to the restroom and the waves went from 0-60 fast. I realized it was contractions and they were about 4 minutes apart. It was so painful that I couldn't even talk to Cody, and then I started to puke. Cody called my parents and they decided to meet us at the hospital so he got clothes together for me while I tried to regain composure. I got dressed and we were on our way. Cody ended up taking me to TMH, so we had to turn around and go to CRMC...we'll blame that one on his nerves! lol! G-diddy met us there also! When I got there, they hooked me up to several machines (after a 15 min sign up process because I had not preregistered yet) and we immediately saw Aniston's heart rate was great. HUGE relief! They thought the cause may have been dehydration so they pumped me full of fluids and the contractions slowed to 6 minutes, but I began to feel a lot of pressure. After hours of waiting, they decided to give me a shot of brethin (or something like that...) and that relieved all of the pressure and slowed the contractions some. An hour later they gave me a second dose of the same shot, which slowed them to 10 minutes which is the safe zone. They watched me for another hour, checked my cervix which had not dilated, and ran a test to see if I would go into labor within the next week. I was so relieved when everything was over, and Aniston decided to stay put!

A few days after I went to the doctor for my 24 week check up. We were able to see Aniston, and the doc reassured us that she was completely fine. Her heart rate was strong and she was growing on track. He said that the contractions and meds were only uncomfortable for me, but that she was not effected. Thank you Jesus!!! However, they have NO idea what caused the early labor. They do not want to put me on bed rest this early in the pregnancy, but they want me to take things very easy! It is basically a wait and see if it happens again type of thing. If it does, they can put me on bed rest and if it continues to happen then they can give me a low dosage of the shot (in pill form) everyday but that is a last resort type thing. He said it may have just been a one time thing and nothing else happen until I'm full term...which is what I'm believing!!! I am eager to meet her, but I want her to be as healthy and strong as possible! We also got the good news that the placenta had moved far enough away from my cervix so I was no longer in the "danger zone" and would be able to deliver naturally!

All of this made me extremely anxious to get things ready for my baby girl! We have some clothes and her bedding, but nothing was washed and no bags were packed. I know it's a little early, but I do not want to feel that completely unprepared again!!! So I have now washed all of the clothes we have, and set up as much as possible. We will be packing bags soon! lol! We don't have much yet, but we have enough to bring her home at least! Can't wait until my showers!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tap Dance

So Aniston put on a little tap dancing routine for Cody last night and it was AMAZING!!! I have never even felt her that much! And each time she would kick or move, Cody's eyes would light up and get so big and he would grin from ear to ear! The best is when he would look at me and say, "Did you feel that?!"....Hello silly, she is kicking me! Of course I felt it! That is my favorite pregnancy memory so far. Well the 4d ultrasound when we found out it is a girl is up there too! But nothing comes close to the look on Cody's face when we could feel our little angel squirming in my belly...pure bliss!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I knocked over my computer at work, got stuck under my desk trying to pick it up and plug everything in, and broke my mouse. Which left me to do my actual job all day, rather then surf the web and stalk facebook. Not a happy camper!!! I have spent 4 hours alphabetizing papers...now I have to file them all. Yay. Can't wait until Cody gets his career started so that I can stay home with my babies!!! In the mean time, this baby gets to make me itch non stop. I mean literally my entire body itches all the time. I lather myself in lotion and nothing stops the itching. So if you come to touch my belly and my leg starts kicking like a dog you know why! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been way too long, but who can blame me with all of the holidays/new school applications?!? Christmas was awesome! We were blessed with tons of awesome things, and Aniston has been spoiled even more :) We spent New Year's Eve in Destin celebrating with Cody's family! It was a blast! Aniston is growing well, but she has yet to show the doctors her goodies!!! From the 4d ultrasound we know she's a girl, but it would be nice to have the doctor's reassurance! Lol! Needless to say, we will be keeping ALL receipts until the doctors see for sure! She has been so active...having parties in my belly until 4 am! lol! The excessive itching is driving me crazy, but it definitely beats the morning sickness so I can handle it!!! Cody has now decided to be a firefighter!!! It is so crazy to actually know what he is going to do with his life!!!! He starts fire school at Chipola on Tuesday, January 18 and will finish May 12...just in time for our baby girl! Once he is finished with the fire school, he will have to do a 3-6 month course to become EMT certified...let's pray he gets into a 3 month course! We are really excited because this will allow him to have a lot of time home with the family. The 24 hour shift will stink, but what other job allows 48 hours off! It's like working a 3 day week! I will be finishing my degree on line with the University of Phoenix, but hope to be able to stay home with my babies :) at least while they are little! Hope you all feel updated!