Monday, March 14, 2011

Beach Weekend

So this past weekend Matt Adkins invited Cody and I to stay at his parent's beach house in Panama City. It was a much needed vacation for us!!! Poor Matt got to experience what it's like being a husband and having a pregnant woman in the house though! On Friday it was too cold to go to the beach so we shopped all day :) and the shopping consisted of every baby boutique and pregnancy store there! Once again....SORRY MATT :) But I was able to get 2 adorable outfits for Aniston, my Easter dress, and my baby shower outfits!!! I'm super excited! Saturday it had warmed up just enough for us to go to the beach! Cody and I got up around 10:30 (which is sleeping in for us) and went on to the beach, and Matt met us when he woke up at around 1 or 2! lol! I had packed us a little was SO fun :) We were also lucky enough to have free entertainment. A group of college guys set up camp right next to us...they were getting a kick out of my pregnant belly. lol! But then again everyone on the beach was! But the tan is definitely worth showing off the bare belly. I am proud of my baby in there and don't mind showing her off :)

On a side note, the awful sickness from the beginning has made a dreadful come back. I have thrown up profusely the last four times I have taken my prenatal vitamins. Last night it was so bad it came out of my nose and then I smelt puke all night. I am SICK of this!!!! I told Cody I am going to beg for a c section at 36 weeks next doctors appointment, but in reality I won't. I want Aniston to be as healthy as possible, and even though it is uncomfortable and sucks for me...she can stay in my belly as long as she'd like! As long as that isn't too far past May 26 :) lol! It's not just the sickness though. Cody and I are dying to have her with us. We want to cuddle her, and bathe her, and feed her, and do all of the day to day things with her! I love my  Aniston. We are on the home stretch...I am almost 30 weeks, which means 10 MORE TO GO!!!!!

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