Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching Up

Well lately we have been pretty lazy, and have loved every minute of it! This past weekend we literally spent everyday at the pool. It was great. For my birthday, Cody woke me up to cinnamon waffles with a sliced banana on was like a breakfast banana foster! He made it for me every morning this past weekend, and I almost cried when we ran out of bananas. This morning I realized I was spoiled when I complained about having to get out bed and make my own blueberry waffles....Cody has created a monster. Or maybe it's the mixture of getting no sleep because Aniston still thinks she is teeny, tiny and can move around in my belly like she did when I was 20 weeks prego and the rush of hormones that are coming back from the beginning of pregnancy! This brings me to our 30 week 4d ultrasound! Like the last, we had an unbelievable experience! Aniston had turned to where her head was resting in my hip and her body was diagonal, but she literally moved and changed positions the entire ultrasound. The lady felt sorry for me! lol. I was shocked to see how much weight she had put on in just 2 short weeks though. Her cheeks had filled out and her body was plump! She played with her umbilical cord and would put it in her mouth to get a taste of the funfetti cup cake I had eaten on the way :) Sabrina also commented on my "nice" placenta...she said it was huge. Which is how everything is on me lately! We were joined this time by both sets of Cody's grandparents, his parents, and mine! The grandparents provided free entertainment....they were like little kids on Christmas! Every little change of position or facial expression was accompanied by WOW and AWWWW :) Grandma Ledford refers to Aniston as Miss America or the President of the United States!!! I think Gdiddy (aka Cody's dad) is a little terrified....he has sat in silence each time! Its either fear or he's trying to hold back tears and both are very logical explanations! Aniston still looks like her handsome daddy, but I did see a little more of me this time compared to the last! We did do a little in her nursery this weekend...Cody has put together the crib and changing table! I'll post pics of the nursery when it is complete! I go to the doc on Wednesday...I'll let you know how that goes :)

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