Monday, March 28, 2011

Little of This and a Little of That

I know it's a little late, but the doctor appointment went great! Aniston is in the right position with her head pushing against my cervix. She has a strong heart beat, and is more active each day! I had gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks....WHAT?!? This puts my total weight gain at 21 pounds. Still good, but man seeing that number was a shocker! lol! She is almost 4 pounds already and is about 18 inches long. We had a good long talk with the doctor about labor and he answered some of the questions that have been floating through my head! We start birthing classes on Wednesday and I am SOOO excited :)

Now to a me losing my mind. I had no idea how serious this baby brain becomes. She completely consumes me and I am no longer the organized, planner of our relationship. In the past few weeks I have left my credit card at a restaurant, thrown away a $100 bill that I spent an hour digging through the trash to find, locked Cody and I out of our house, left Cody's IPhone on a bench in Universal Studios so that I could throw away trash, and left my IPhone at Famous Dave's. Thankfully there are still good and honest people in this world and all things were recovered! But come on...this is NOT like me at all. I always have a place for everything and know exactly where things are. I sure hope this is temporary. I am beginning to think that some of these things are just my "new normal". On a positive note, I only have about 8 weeks and 2 days left before I meet my baby girl :) WOOP WOOP!!! I have currently  taken on the project of finishing my wedding scrapbooks because I know that once Aniston gets here that will NEVER get done. Especially since I have so much I want to scrapbook of her and the pregnancy already. My goal is to completely finish the wedding scrapbooks (there are 2-I am just a few embellishments away from being done with the first one which is proposal-rehearsal dinner and then all I have is the wedding-honeymoon) and have all of my showers for Aniston done and the belly pictures/ultrasounds started. That way when she is born I am not behind and can do her scrapbook as I go. High ambitions I know, but I am determined :)

Aside from me leaving Cody's IPhone at Universal, we had a very relaxing/stress free weekend together. We drove to Orlando Thursday after Cody got done at school and met his family at Bubba Gumps for some food. Friday we woke up and went to Universal and Islands of Adventures. Mrs. Andrea and I were the purse/phone holders...not a good idea since I lost Cody's. I thought I was going to go into labor going back and forth between the parks trying to retrieve the phone. We then went back to the Hard Rock Hotel and napped until it was time to save seats for the OneRepublic concert. We waited for 3 hours or so before Cody and I realized it probably wasn't safe for me to be in such a big "standing only" crowd so we left and listened to a few songs from the back before going on our own little date. The rest of the clan met us when it ended at the hotel to watch the FSU basketball game. The next day everyone had to head out because Cayden had the Tallahassee Idol talent show (which he placed 3rd in by the way) so Cody and I relaxed at the pool all day :) We both got a little too much sun, but I think it's safe to say I have the tannest baby belly of all baby bellies. It was wonderful. That night we had a dinner date and rented Little Fockers in our hotel room. Sunday we shopped at the outlet mall before heading was a perfect little babymoon :)

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