Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Shower and Birthing Classes

Aniston and I had our first baby shower this past Sunday and it was AMAZING! Kaylan and Sadie did such a good job with the "owl theme" decorations that match her nursery and making sure all of my favorite foods/pregnancy cravings were there! They even had cereal :) So many people showed up and gave us goodies! We got her swing, bouncy/vibrating seat, pack n play, high chair, video monitor, silver cup spoon and fork set, Coach diaper bag, awesome handmade Vera Bradley burp clothes (shout out to Jackie Pipkin), the most adorable clothes, and so much more! It is amazing how much someone so small needs!!! We played the "guess how big Karli's belly is" game and it was hilarious! Everyone was really close, but Jackie took the prize! My mom was a close second though..she was only off by maybe an inch! All of the in-laws decided to go short...didn't want to be on the baby mama's bad side I'm guessing! lol! I cannot wait for our next shower on Saturday...SOOOO EXCITING!

Cody and I have also had our first 2 child birth classes! We love the instructor, Blythe. She is very down to earth and realistic. I like that she doesn't try to sugar coat things...she lets you know it's going to hurt worse than anything you've ever experienced, but then gives you ways to deal with that pain and makes you realize it's only temporary. She has also had 6 kids....3 naturally and 3 with an epidural so she can give you first hand knowledge of the differences. The first class we learned about the signs of labor, your water breaking, and had a meet and greet with the other couples! It was so cute...we were driving down the road the day after talking about her birth and Cody randomly said we just need to remember "COAT- Color, Oder, Amount, and Time" if your water breaks! He really was paying attention! lol! The second class was a little more intense. We learned how to track contrations, when to come to the hospital, the different stages of labor, and breathing/relaxation techniques. We were shown some pretty graphic videos, and it scared me to death! OUCH. We then got on the floor, and learned how to take slow breaths in through your nose for the count of 4 and out through your mouth for the count of 6 during a contration. Cody laughed the whole time we practiced! She also told us to find a happy place that we can go to during a contration as a form of distration. My happy place is a private island with crystal clear, calm water (similar to St. John) with lounge chairs partially in the water so you get just enough of your body wet and endless amounts of frozen fruity drinks :) Cody is supposed to be able to describe this place to me during a contration to take my mind off of it. We'll see how well these distractions actually work...

Our 33rd week check up was yesterday! She is still in the right position, and growing well. She weighs 4.75 lbs, the average at this age is 4.9 so she is a little small! Her body is pushing against my lungs, which doesn't allow them to inflate fully making me feel like I can't breathe. We had to do an oxygen test to make sure I am getting enough oxygen and I am :) My brain is basically being tricked into a panic attack because it feels like I can't breath. The doc said this would probably only get worst...oh the joys of pregnancy. Her head is pushed firmly against my pelvis bones so she is ready to go! This is my last time going 2 weeks between doc appointments, and then I start my weekly visits. Only 6 weeks and 6 days to go!!!

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