Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Labor

My last post was apparently right on! For the last three days I have started early labor. I was up all night on Wednesday night (and poor Cody was right there with me until 4 am and had to wake up for school at 7) so I decided I should give the doctor a call to make sure everything was ok. He asked me to come in right away on Friday so they could check me. I went in, and had lost 5 pounds in one week :( They were concerned, but Aniston seems to be doing fine and still has plenty of fluid. He checked me and I have thinned out and started to dilate. I was not quite one centimeter. He told me to take it as easy as possible, and that we needed to keep her in my belly for at least one more week. They are not sure why I am not keeping on the weight, and will watch that closely for the rest of the pregnancy. I was told to eat all of the food I possibly could...even if that means 10 cupcakes in one day :) We are almost finished with the nursery so I will post pics soon!!!

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