Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Getting Close!

Weird things have been going on in my belly! It has been extremely tight and crampy for the past few days! It last for about 15-20 minutes at a time though so it has been confusing!!! When I went to the hospital last time I did not have "warm up" contractions. I woke up throwing up and the contractions were so bad I could not talk through them. These are different...they last a long time are are uncomfortable but not painful. It is almost like period cramps and my tummy is SOOO tight. I haven't been able to get comfortable, sleep, or eat normally for the past few days. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but maybe Aniston is preparing for her big debut!!!!

On a side note, the waddle is strong now! I can not walk normal for the life of me. She has dropped so low in my pelvis there is no room to put my legs together and walk! lol!

Another random side note: I am now the handy man of the house. Cody was not too upset to give up this title, but I earned it yesterday! I went to Lowes all by myself and explained to the guy about the "door thingy in the frame that catches the door nob breaking off and the srews ripped through the wood". He then showed me a larger metal piece with the standard size door nob catcher that I could screw in to the frame to repair it and not have to replace the whole frame. I went home and fixed the door. This inspired me to hang the curtains in Aniston's nursery. I rock.

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