Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shower from Leah :)

The baby shower that Leah threw me yesterday blew me away! I seriously have not stopped talking about how amazing everything was. It was perfect from the decor to the food and games! So many people showed up, and we were so blessed! As part of the decorations, Leah had tons of baby goodies such as pacifiers, rags, and onesies hanging from the most adorable tree...I am now using that tree to hold all of her bows and it is the perfect addition to her room :) She also got a play mat, portable stroller thing, diamond earrings from Grandma Ledford, a beautiful hand made quilt from Rita Hancock, a baby breeza food maker and her crib/nursery furniture from Mia, the Medela breast pump from Gigi, and SOOOOO much more. I now feel prepared and can relax knowing that she has everything that she needs! Speaking of the breast pump, the owners manual shows these women cleaning their house and reading to their children while hands free pumping....seriously?!? They couldn't take a 15 min break and do it in the privacy of their bedroom!!! Don't think I could ever get myself to do that, but at least I have the option! lol! They played this game at the shower called "Winner Takes ALL" and everyone guessed how much money was in an owl shaped piggy jar...Katina got the closest and won a bottle of ALL detergent! It was so cute! Anyways, can't wait to meet my baby girl :)

Random side note: I want to learn to coupon so I never have to buy cleaning supplies or toiletries...someone want to teach me how?!?

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