Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm in Awe

We went for our 28 week 4d ultrasound yesterday, and I am in complete awe. Cody and I have looked through the pictures a million times and find something we love even more about her each time. We were able to share the experience with my mom and dad, Cody's dad, Jodi and Channing, Dayne, and Kaylan. Cody's mom and brothers weren't able to make it because there was a death in the family and they were attending the funeral in Ohio....but on the bright side, Mrs. Andrea is paying for us to go a 3rd time in just a few weeks so we can gawk at our beautiful baby girl again!!!!

I layed down on the bed with my family comfortably seated on the couch. We were all so anxious to see Aniston projected on the wall in front of us! I was pleased to see that Aniston has turned head down now and is very, very low!! She will most likely stay in this position until birth! We got a recording of her heartbeat that is in a stuffed frog (that I am enjoying much more than Aniston ever will) and then there she was! There was no wiggling, walking, or music necessary....she was so cooperative. She was looking straight at us with her hands beside her ears, and the first thing I said was she looks like daddy!!! I think she has the shape of my face, but that cute little nose and juicy lips are ALL Cody. We spent 45 minutes watching her as she yawned, kicked, cuddled with my placenta as if it were a pillow, licked my uterus (I had just eaten a Special K cereal bar and she liked the sweetness), and smiled showing off that cute little dimple we think she got from Gdiddy! The ultrasound tech was amazed at how clearly we could see her dimple and head full of hair...apparently it is pretty rare to be able to see SO much detail. But what can I say, Aniston is PERFECT :) And she has great fashion some of the pictures she has the umbilical cord around her shoulders like a boa or a scarf! This freaked me out at first, but the lady reassured me several times that she will move it so much before she is born and it is not around the front of her neck just draped around her shoulders. She was so happy the entire time, and we had such a great experience. I am more in love with this little angel than I even knew existed. How will I wait 12 more weeks for her to get here?!?
Umbilical cord boa!

She's ticklish!

Sucking her thumb!

BIG yawn!

Look at that dimple!!!

Feet and hand

Cuddling on the placenta "pillow"!

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