Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby on the Brain

I want my baby. All I think about is Aniston. I think about what she will look like, and the features that she will get from each of us. I think about what her personality will be like, how her cry will sound. I imagine our life once she is here all day long! Not a second goes by when I don't think about cuddling with her! It is consuming my brain!!! Cody is getting so anxious also. We both sit around and talk about our life with her, and think of ways to make the wait seem shorter. I caught myself yesterday thinking that "technically" we only have two months left because February is practically over and you are "technically" considered full term and they won't stop labor at 36 weeks so we only have March and April to go...who am I kidding?!? The wait is KILLING me!!! Everybody says enjoy your time alone while you can, but does anyone actually do that? We always enjoy our time together, but since the day we found out we were expecting, we have both been counting down the days!!!! Random side note, Aniston has the best daddy in the world! He is so involved and excited to talk to her everyday. He can't wait to have her here with us and spoil her rotten. I mean seriously...my family is PERFECT.

Apart from having my wonderful daughter in my arms, I also can't wait for....

1. To sleep on my stomach and back...or to sleep in general
2. A HUGE bowl of Funfetti cake batter (I asked Cody to bring it to the hospital during labor)
3. No back pain
4. To be able to curl up in a ball
5. Ceaser salad
6. To do something crazy...like jump off a waterfall or go surf just because I can't right now
7. To ride my bike and be active
8. To shave my legs with ease

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