Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Not?!?

So this past weekend my mom, sister, and I ventured out to the family fair that was being hosted at the civic center! We got all sorts of freebies and information on photographers, doctors, dentist, etc. We ran into the Pipkin family while we were there and got a good chat in...during this great chat, a woman walked by with a sports bra on and her HUGE belly (it's ok for me to say that because mine's huge too) painted. Jackie and I thought together, "wow she definitely has no shame"! Well not long after we were done gawking at this random lady, we parted ways. Not 30 minutes later, I was asked by a photographer if I would model a belly painting for her! What are the odds?!? I made sure that I would not be paraded around the fair with my belly hanging out and she reassured me that it would only be a few pictures and that I would be given a shirt to wear out before I agreed! I mean your only pregnant a few times right? And when would I get this opportunity again? So, like usual, I set aside my caution and said what the heck! If nothing else I figured it would be a good memory and a few cute pictures! And that it was! I had a blast...So here is my 27 week belly update! 

Aniston is so active now. She is about 2.2 pounds and 16 inches long! She has gotten to the point that you can see her move under my skin and know exactly where she is at. Cody gets so excited because he is able to feel more apart of things now that he is constantly feeling and seeing her. He is so ready to be a daddy. I have gained 10 pounds up to this point and have no stretch marks...knock on wood! I'm pretty proud. I thought for sure that the 14 petitefores, 10 sugar cookies, and 4 cupcakes I ate during valentines week would come back to haunt me! But then again, I haven't gotten the results to my glucose tolerance test yet!!! Speaking of the glucose tolerance test, that was an absolute nightmare! I was not told any of the details beforehand, so I show up at around 1 starving for lunch. Luckily I hadn't eaten because apparently you are supposed to fast for 2 hours prior to the test...small detail they with-held. After 30 minutes of waiting, I was called up to drink this surprisingly yummy orange drink. I was told to drink the drink in less than 5 minutes and come to them when I was finished. After chugging the drink, they told me I had to wait another HOUR before they could take my blood. I mean seriously, you should let hungry pregnant women know this before they drink the juice. Luckily, I survived. Well that's all I've got for now! Our next doctor appointment is March 1st and our 4D ultrasound is March 4th! Can't wait to see what our daughter looks like :)

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