Monday, November 15, 2010

12 Weeks and Marriage Retreat

This week was a very exciting ultrasound!!! We went on Wednesday to check up on the little peanut, and man has it grown! It went from looking like a little speck on the screen, to looking like an actual baby! The cutest, most precious baby I have ever seen might I add. The baby actually jumped in my belly!!! Cody is convinced it is an athlete...he claims it already has a 2 inch vertical! Which is literally how high it my belly (I can't get over that part)!!! lol! My mom on the other hand thinks the baby was asleep, and when the doctor poked it with the wand thing on my belly it scared it to death and jumped! The second is probably the more logical solution, but I'll play along with Cody's athlete thing! What he isn't thinking is that GIRL volleyball players jump just as much as any boy sport! Speaking of the sex of the baby, we called the Prenatal Experience which is a 4d ultrasound place and have an appointment for December 11! They said we will know with 100% certainty by then!!!! Which gives us plenty of time to pick up a few things before Christmas :) Like everyone has been telling me, the morning sickness has started to fade away! I wouldn't say that it just completely stopped when I hit 12 weeks, but I definitely see a major improvement!

Cody and I left on Friday and attended our first ever marriage retreat! We ended up having a blast...even Cody was shocked at how much fun we had!! We were able to get to know a lot of great couples in the church, and we learned a lot about each other. It was the first time in a while that we took that much time for each other. I can definitely say that I fell even more in love with my awesome husband. We skipped out on the last few meetings on Sunday and drove into St. Augustine. After a few minor detours, we found all of the historical stuff! lol! We parked near by and walked downtown for hours. It was really neat to see all of the old architecture, roads, and the fort! We ate at a restaurant named Scarlet Ohara's...some of the best fried alligator tail I have ever had!!! Once we were done with the historical stuff, Cody wanted to go to the lighthouse. I had only been once before and it turned out very traumatic. I figured that I was just young, and scared of everything so this wouldn't be a big deal. We got half way up and I started crying like crazy, shaking and scaling the side of the wall! It's not that I was afraid of falling or the lighthouse falling, but I literally felt like someone was going to throw me over the edge! Cody thought it was hilarious! I made it to the top, sat in a corner while Cody walked around outside, and slowly went back down. Needless to say, I will NEVER climb another lighthouse. And it will be a miracle if I let our kids go to a lighthouse! lol! Cody took me to the outlet mall after as a reward, and ended up buying himself two pairs of shoes...still waiting on my reward! lol!

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